With "Themes" the Danish Energy Association wish to express its views on the debate in the energy sector.

On November 30th, the European Commission launched the largest regulatory package of the Energy Union yet. The Danish Energy Association has been through the proposals and now sums up the most important issues of the Winter Package. Click on Picture for a bigger version.

With the opening of a new Nordic energy office in Brussels which among others includes Danish Energy, Energy Norway, Swedish and Finnish Energy there is prepared for stronger possibilities to influence the European Union’s future energy policy by Nordic interest.

Positive lists give suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to get an assessment of whether a generating unit or a generating unit component meet the requirements of Energinet’s technical regulations prior to concrete projects.

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The Energy Union Package highlights the Northern seas for having a substantial potential for low carbon energy, supplied close to some of the most energy intensive regions of Europe. But how is this offshore wind potential best harnessed? This is our question to policy makers, industry, analysts and the European Commission. This was the topic of debate at a conference held in the European Parliament September 29th.