By Troels Werner Christensen, 16. October 2008

The Danish Energy Association is a commercial and professional organisation for Danish energy companies. The Danish Energy Association is managed and financed by its members, primarily the electricity companies.

We work to secure for the electricity companies the best and freest conditions for competition and development in order to ensure development, growth and well-being in Denmark.

The Danish Energy Association is a meeting point for three members' associations:


Two groups of companies are also linked to the Danish Energy Association:


FaktaIf you would like to take up membership, contact the Director, Hans Duus Jørgensen.


  • Managing Director
  • Hans Duus Jørgensen
  • T: +45 35 300 910
  • M: +45 25 291 910
  • Consultant, Economist
  • Jette Haugaard Nielsen
  • T: +45 35 300 923