The EU Winter Energy Package

On November 30th, the European Commission launched the largest regulatory package of the Energy Union yet. The Danish Energy Association has been through the proposals and now sums up the most important issues of the Winter Package. Click on Picture for a bigger version.

Prioritization is always a useful exercise. No less so, when the European Commission pre-sents 1000 pages of legislation and 3000 pages of supporting documents on the same day.

The eight legislative proposals in the so called Winter Package provides an excellent starting point for empowering energy consumers, improving energy markets, increasing shares of renewable energy and reducing energy consumption.

The package covers various parts of the energy sector. The most important issues are grouped into five categories, covering each their part of the energy value chain:

  1. Generation (renewables)
  2. Wholesale Markets
  3. Distribution
  4. Retail Markets
  5. Consumption (energy efficiency)