Commission reiterates focus on Smart Grid

Another communication outlining visions from the European Commission of the future energy system has been released – but what is the ‘bankable’ value of another piece of soft legislation?

- The Danish Energy Association welcomes the Commission’s communication on Smart Cities and Smart Communities. The newly release underlines the need for best practice sharing, which is important. However, the biggest factor in creating a solid demand for Smart Grid will be a rigid implementation by the European Member States of the internal energy market, says Mr Anders Stouge, Deputy Secretary General at the electricity trade organisation, the Danish Energy Association

Mr Stouge knows what he is talking about regarding the challenges caused by integration of still larger shares of renewables in the energy system. Denmark faces a massive transformation. As the first nation in the world, Denmark has a goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels in 2050 and before 2020 Denmark will phase in 50 per cent wind power in the electricity supply. This goal was laid out in a broad and ambitious energy agreement backed by a clear majority in the Danish Parliament this spring. Many other European countries are moving in the same direction.

- As the communication states, some Member States are ahead in terms of smart grid deployment and Denmark is in the absolute lead. We are happy to share our practices with other progressive countries, regions and cities in the future. We foresee a significant growth potential for Europe in the area of Smart Grid. But for this to happen the investors need stable plans and firm energy and climate targets for the EU in 2030 and 2040 on the way to 2050, a well-functioning ETS, and full implementation of EU-legislation on the internal energy market,” Mr. Stouge continues.

Action is required to enable Denmark to handle up to 50 per cent wind in the electricity supply. Thus the Danish Energy Association has taken the initiative to establish the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance together with a large number of interested companies in the broad Smart Grid-industry. A key task is to identify barriers and address the right conditions and environment for investments in new Smart Grid solutions.

The aim of the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance is to help Denmark get a position among the first countries to ensure an effective conversion of the power system to Smart Grid. The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance is a sub branch of the Danish Energy Association, which is a trade organisation for Danish electricity companies representing the whole value chain of the electricity sector (DSOs, suppliers and producers of electricity). Read more.