New powerplants 

By Troels Werner Christensen, 23. February 2007

The Danish Energy Association has calculated the cost of electricity from the next generation of electricity technologies.

We looked at various cost types, for example, fuel source, plant, grid connection and environment and climate. When all costs are taken into consideration, the price of electricity from coal, gas, marine wind farms, large-scale biomass and nuclear power all ends up much the same.

DEA says


A number of technologies, including large wind turbine generators, could be equally competitive in 2015.
It is very much in our members’ logical interests to diversify investments over different technolo-gies in order to reduce the financial risk.

This in turn supports the idea of future producers having a free choice of fuel and technology.
It is a good principle to include all costs arising from production in the final electricity price. This is already happening with CO2, where we have a quota system. This is a big step forward, even though the quota system needs to be made even better.

If politicians want to start including the environment and costs of adapting the plant to the rest of the energy system directly in the price, this must be done under common EU rules. The politicians must go for a common model – or competition will suffer.


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