The halogen revolution  

By Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen, 30. April 2007
The sale of halogen bulbs and –lighting has increased dramatically over the last 3 years. This appears in a report compiled for the Danish Energy Association. The import of halogen bulbs has increased with almost 3 mio. bulbs per year when comparing the year 2002 and 2005.

- This is a disturbing development, says Richard Schalburg, Chief Consultant from the Danish Energy Asso-ciations Energy Efficiency Department. In terms of energy the many halogen bulbs means a higher con-sumption of electricity, since a single fluorescent tube or a couple of incandescent bulbs are often replaced. We often see between 10 to 15 halogen bulbs in a kitchen and bathroom, he says.

If the growth rates in halogen lighting and energy-saving bulbs continue there will be practically no more incandescent bulbs left in the homes in 10 years time. Another scenario could bet hat the number of lamp spots will increase strikingly which is not unlikely, says Richard Schalburg.

- If we increase the number of lamp spots and the development continues as it is today then we are con-vinced that the consumption of electricity will increase. The fact that there will be no more incandescent bulbs is in itself a positive thing, if only we could be sure, that the incandescent bulbs will be replaced with energy-saving bulbs. However, the development does not indicate that.



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