Analysis of energy saving potentials in selected EU countries based on a sectorial best-practise approach

The analysis focuses on energy saving potentials in eastern European countries, compared to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK. In total the analysis include Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK.

The analysis uses a “what-if” methodology, by replacing the energy intensities in different sectors in each country with the best-practice energy intensity for the road transport sector and the best practice energy intensity per branch for the industry sector.

The data used for the analysis is from 2011, which is the newest year with a satisfying data quality.

In 2011 the total, final energy consumption for the included countries was 20,484 PJ. The total saving potential is calculated to 3,521 PJ, equalling 17 % of the total, final energy consumption in the analysed country group.