New Nordic energy office in Brussels

With the opening of a new Nordic energy office in Brussels which among others includes Danish Energy, Energy Norway, Swedish and Finnish Energy there is prepared for stronger possibilities to influence the European Union’s future energy policy by Nordic interest.

A common Nordic energy office was Monday, November 28 inaugurated in Brussels, as Jyrki Katainen cut the red ribbon as vice president of the European Commission responsible for jobs, growth and investment.

In his inauguration speech Katainen emphasized that he appreciates the Nordic region's contribution to energy policy which pleases Anders Stouge, deputy CEO of the Danish Energy Association.

The Nordic countries are often highlighted as an example of strong regional cooperation with a well-integrated functioning energy market, which has managed to drive investment in green energy. Therefore the EU looks often largely to the north, when discussing the possibilities of a green transition, says Anders Stouge.

Also Oliver Koch from the European Commission's DG Energy thanked the Nordics for the good cooperation. He pointed out that the Nordic countries have helped to show the way forward, both in terms of green energy supply and regarding an efficient market.

Precisely greater integration of energy markets and greener energy in the transport and heating sectors are some of the main points of the European Commission's winter package that aims at promoting the EU's energy union soon to be launched on 30 November.

The new common office is located at the same address where the Danish Energy Association has so far been located together with Swedish Energy and DONG Energy. The office has since the summer been extended to also to include Energy Norway, Finnish Energy, Agder Energi, FORTUM and Energy Företagen.