Biomass for energy

Biomass for Energy

The Danish combined heat and power plants form the basis for the future green energy system. The changeover of production on coal-fired power stations to biomass is one of the largest CO2 reducing initiatives of the Danish Energy Agreement with the aim of reducing the Danish CO2 emissions with 34 per cent. However, this will require use of sustainable biomass.

The Danish energy industry seeks to ensure that coal and natural gas will be replaced by sustainable biomass. The wood burned in Danish power plants comes from well-managed and sustainable forestry. The forest industry’s main product is high-quality wood for timber, and wood for energy purposes is mainly a by-product such as residue and waste wood. Besides, the timber price is three times higher than the price for wood used in energy production.
Facts like these and other kinds of information about sustainable biomass can be found in the pamphlet Biomass for Energy.

Biomass for Energy describes why biomass is a key factor moving toward a fossil free society.