With "Themes" the Danish Energy Association wish to express its views on the debate in the energy sector.

With the upcoming vote on the backloading proposal put forward by the Commission, several coalitions of interest groups and major companies are working towards the common goal of securing support for a real continuation of the ETS-system.

A majority of the Environment Committee in the European Parliament voted in favour of the Commission’s proposal on ETS earlier today and is thereby sending a clear signal to the 27 member states regarding the importance of supporting the European ETS. The decision strengthens the opportunities for a transformation of the European energy market.

Today a group of 30 European associations and companies is sending a strong signal demonstrating clear support for the EU ETS backloading proposal, which the Environment Committee in the European Parliament will make a crucial vote on, 19 February. The back loading proposal is part of a fix of the EU emissions trading system (ETS).

A strong regional integration of the energy markets in Northern Europe is the first step towards a fully integrated European market. This should urgently be speeded up by delivering the necessary investment in energy infrastructure and power generation. This was the main message from the north European energy industry on the North European Energy Dialogue Business Meeting in Brussels today.

Energy savings at a value of 18 billion Danish kroner and investments up to 10 billion DKK in new clean tech products. This could be the outcome of a new energy-saving agreement which the Danish Energy Association, on behalf of the Danish energy companies, and the Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard signed this week.