By Troels Werner Christensen, 

Nyhedsbladet is the Danish Energy Association’s newssheet printed in tabloid format with a focus on topics such as energy production, energy savings and efficiency, energy markets, climate and the environment and fibre networks, together with research, development and demonstration of energy technologies.

Nyhedsbladet comes out 16 times a year (2009) and has a circulation of about 3500 copies. A reader survey (Scharling 2006) showed that the paper is eagerly read and made use of out in the Danish energy sector - not least by top managers.

With Nyhedsbladet the Danish Energy Association hopes to strengthen dialogue with the outside world, so that the Danish energy sector as a whole is able to develop with economic sustainability, socially, and in terms of the environment.


  • Nyhedsbladets media plan

  • Media plan
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Nyhedsbladet uses a wide range of journalistic methods to create a reader-friendly product.

Nyhedsbladet needs reading here and now – and not stashed away for later study you will never have time for.


  • Journalist, Editor El & Energi
  • Jesper Tornbjerg
  • T: +45 35 300 470
  • M: +45 22 750 470