The EU wants electric cars! 

By Anni Christoffersen, 20. July 2009
Back in December 2008 the EU’s heads of state and government reached agreement on an European financial rescue plan, which was to contribute to getting the economy back on track. The plan contained e.g. proposals for three public-private partnerships:

• The European Green Cars initiative (EUR 5 billion, of which EUR 1 billion is for research and development)
• European energy-efficient buildings ( EUR 1 billion for research and development)
• Factories of the future (EUR 1.2 billion for research and development).
The Commission yesterday explained at a well-attended information day in Brussels that the funds for the partnerships will be channelled through the 7th framework programme for research and development.
There are three priorities for the Green Cars initiative:
• Electrification of road and city transport
• Improved energy efficiency for heavy vehicles
• Logistics and coordination.
If everything goes to plan project proposals will be called for on 30 July 2009 with a deadline for applications of the 3 November 2009 or the 14 January 2010.
The total amount available for the Green Cars priorities is EUR 1 billion, distributed among subjects related to electric cars such as batteries, charging facilities, communication processes and integration with the (electrical) grid. The call for proposals for this year has EUR 108 million available.
The European Commission will hold a further information event on 28-29 September 2009.
Lærke Flader, Senior Consultant at the Danish Energy Association, says: ”This is not the first occasion where we see financing for the development of the electric car market, but this time there is focus on almost all of the relevant aspects of promoting electric cars, including charging infrastructure, communication equipment and intelligent integration with the electrical grid. This is an important political signal – the EU will have electric cars!”


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