New Managing Director for the Danish Energy Association 

By Torben Hvidsten, 2. July 2009

Agreement has been reached with Hans Duus Jørgensen that he step down as Managing Director of the Danish Energy Association as of 31 August 2009. At the same time, the board of directors has taken the decision to appoint the present Deputy Director Lars Aagaard as the new Managing Director of the Danish Energy Association.

The decision was taken after Hans Duus Jørgensen made known to the board of directors that he believed new dynamism was needed in the Danish Energy Association’s management. The board of director’s hereby thanks Hans Duus Jørgensen for his great efforts during his approx. 8 years of working for the Danish Energy Association.

For more information please contact: Chairman of the board Poul Arne Nielsen, tel.: +45 4014 9447


  • Poul Arne Nielsen
  • T: +45 56 575 010
  • M: +45 40 149 447