Council meeting: CCS and electric cars part of the solution  

By Troels Werner Christensen, 26. February 2009

The EU’s Ministers for Energy concluded last week Council of Ministers meeting in Brussels. The agenda featured the Second Strategic Energy Review, focusing on energy security and initiating the debate on the focus of energy policy over the next few years together with more long-term goals.

- It is necessary both for the climate and for security of supply that we prioritise energy efficiency, proven renewable energy sources and new technologies. It is therefore positive that ministers mention both CCS (CO2 capture and storage) and electric cars as important priorities in the action plan for energy policies for 2010 and after, says Head of the Danish Energy Association’s Brussels office, Marie Thiellesen Bjerborg.

Among other decisions, ministers agreed that the EU must concentrate on infrastructure and a multi-sectoral energy supply. The EU must also become better at speaking with one voice. And finally ministers support a more focused effort on energy efficiency.

Over lunch, ministers discussed a support programme for a number of energy projects (projects for electricity and gas interconnections, projects for offshore wind energy and CCS demonstration projects). The list contains several projects of special interest to Denmark, such as the Skanled Project, Kriegers Flak and the North Sea Grid.

The support programme for energy projects is part of the EU’s economic stabilisation plan.

- However, we are pleased there are several projects of interest to Denmark, Bjerborg says.

- It is positive that there is a focus on developing offshore wind technology and on financing the expansion of the grid to new offshore wind farms to ensure this happens as soon as possible, she says.

CCS technology is a necessary tool for climate policies and for maintaining a high level of security of supply. By proposing the financing of five CCS demonstration projects, the EU is showing the way towards CO2-free production of electric power. The EU is also working on establishing up to 12 CCS projects.

- We are way ahead on this in Denmark, so it is important that at least one of the projects is a Danish project, Bjerborg concludes.


Read conclusions from the meeting.


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