Danish Energy Association: good that USA is joining climate battle 

By Lars Hansen, 8. July 2008

Today the G8 countries agreed on a declaration endorsing the halving of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  In the opinion of the Danish Energy Association, this is good news for the climate and global climate policy.

- It’s significant that the USA is making political concessions on binding targets for climate policy for the first time.  In this sense today’s tidings from the G8 summit are great news for global climate policy, says Camilla Rosenhagen, Senior Consultant at the Danish Energy Association.

- The decision by the G8 countries leaves several questions unanswered. The long-term goal is to halve CO2 emissions, but the question of what is to happen in the medium term is especially important, making next year’s climate summit in Copenhagen crucial, says Camilla Rosenhagen.

- But basically the new signal from the USA has to be welcomed. It points the way forward to the climate summit in Copenhagen, and hopefully also to the development of a strong, robust market for CO2 allowances that will be able to enforce the reduction in CO2 emissions in the most cost-effective manner, says Camilla Rosenhagen.