The decision has finally been made: Skagerrak 4 will be built 

By Charlotte Søndergren, 18. June 2008

The individuals responsible for the systems in Norway and Denmark (Statnett and have decided to expand the connection from Norway to Denmark with a fourth cable across the Skagerrak.

In 2005, the association of parties responsible for the Nordic systems (Nordel) decided to establish five prioritised sections in which the Nordic transmission grid would be strengthened, encompassing the links

  • from Sweden to Finland
  • from Sweden to Norway
  • across the Great Belt in Denmark
  • through an internal limitation in Sweden (section 4)
  • from Denmark to Norway, Skagerrak 4


With the decision to build Skagerrak 4, all five of the connections are underway. The Great Belt connection is expected to be in operation in two years and Skagerrak 4 between Denmark and Norway is expected to be able to be ready at the end of 2014. Both are providing reinforcements of 600 MW. has at the same time entered into an agreement with E.On Netz in Germany and decided to expand the connection between Jutland and Germany, so the commercial capacity will be increased from 950 MW to 1500 MW going north and from 1500 MW to 2000 MW going south.

The decision to build Skagerrak 4 is only the starting shot. is indicating that the expansions are occurring under the precondition that the environmental and planning authorities of the respective countries as well as the Danish Climate and Energy Minister approve the projects. And, in addition, that the investment decisions be approved by the Boards of the enterprises. is also emphasising that the reinforcements are a part of a long-term expansion plan that is currently awaiting political decisions concerning the precise principles the expansion should occur in accordance with.

Our opinion

FaktaAt the Danish Energy Association, we view with satisfaction the decision to reinforce the grid from Denmark to the neighbouring areas. Expansion of the power grid is a prerequisite for a well-functioning electricity market as well as a prerequisite for us to be able to effectively accommodate future expansion of wind power.