The European Energy Market needs third legislative package now 

By Lars Hansen, 10. June 2008

Europe urgently needs to boost energy market integration and harmonization. Therefore Nordenergi supports the efforts of the European Parliament to develop an ambitious compromise package improving pan-European integrated markets for electricity and gas and including effective unbundling measures. 

We have a specific focus on further integration of the North-European countries. In this context, close cooperation between the TSOs is an important prerequisite for efficient market integration. Nordenergi welcomes all measures that facilitate efficient cross-border trade and further market integration.

Hopefully, the establishment of a new Agency for Cooperation of Energy regulators and a European Network for Transmission System Operators will provide measures that ensure a level playing field for all market participants. However this can only occur if all TSOs are unbundled in an effective way.

Therefore we urge all Nordic Members of the European Parliament to strive for an agreement now on the third legislative package including effective unbundling and paving the way for further market development.

It is important to consider the strong relationship between the Climate-package and the power markets. Nordenergi believes that well functioning energy markets are an important prerequisite in order to successfully implement European-wide measures to prevent climate change and integrate large amounts of renewable energies into the power market.

Nordenergi stresses that harmonizing and integrating energy markets is the best way to ensure efficient trading and correct energy pricing. Efficiently functioning energy markets may boost the Nordic and European industries ability to compete in global markets. Also, there are economical benefits for the end-users and the overall society as a whole.


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