High stakes game for renewable energy in Europe 

By Troels Werner Christensen, 19. September 2007

Europe’s ambitious goal of 20 percent sustainable energy in 2020 requires massive investments in the energy sector. If the politicians flinch and opt out of a harmonised market, the bill to the citizens of the EU could cost an extra EUR 150 billion per year.

- It is important that the European politicians consider their actions quite carefully. The bill to every EU citizen could become higher by DKK 2000 per year completely unnecessarily, says Ulrich Bang from Danish Energy Association.

Europe’s goal of 20 percent sustainable energy in 2020 is triggering extremely substantial investments, and an incorrect decision could pass an unnecessarily large bill along to consumers and the business community.

If the politicians say no to market forces, the sustainable energy goal would in the worst case come to cost the Europeans EUR 180 billion per year. According to an analysis that ECON has performed for the Danish Energy Association, the bill for sustainable
energy could actually be kept down to EUR 33 billion per year. The difference between the most and least expensive options is in fact around EUR 150 billion annually.

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