Plug-in hybrid vehicles to be tested in Denmark 

By Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen, 9. August 2007

The Danish Energy Association has just submitted its consultation response to the report by the Danish Energy Agency on the use of alternative fuels in the transport sector.  Lars Hansen, Head of Strategy at the Danish Energy Association, has the following to say about the response:

- We agree with the report’s conclusion that battery electric vehicles offer the greatest long-term potential and importance should be attached to developing a raft of new technologies, including bioethanol solutions and co-production of power, heat and fuels for transport.

- Biofuels can help to reduce our dependence on oil and limit the impact of motor vehicles on the environment, particularly following development of the more environmentally friendly second generation technologies.

- But electric vehicles will be vital if we are to achieve a serious reduction in demand for oil, says Lars Hansen.

Current problems with the development of reliable batteries mean that plug-in hybrids are the most obvious technology for phasing in electricity in the transport sector in the short term.

- Denmark should try to influence development in the motor industry.  This could take the form of demonstration projects for plug-in hybrids in collaboration with one or more vehicle manufacturers, says Lars Hansen.

- Denmark should be able to display prototypes of plug-in hybrids integrated in the electricity network as early as the climate summit in 2009.

- In order to provide more encouragement for development, plug-in hybrids should be completely tax-free on a par with the existing scheme for electric vehicles, says Lars Hansen.


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