EU at energy council meeting today  

By Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen, 6. June 2007

Todays EU energyministers council meeting is an ”intermediate station” between the EU summit meeting in March and the Commissions upcoming motion to the 3rd liberalization package.

The package is expected to be ready in September or October 2007. The aim of the package is to gather up all the “unfinished pieces of business” in the regulation, in terms of getting the energy markets to function efficiently for real.

The ministers will discuss the following four themes: Separation of vertically integrated companies  (unbundling), efficient regulation, infrastructure and a closer cooperation between the companies responsible for the systems (TSO’s).

The Commission are still expected to lead with a motion on full owner unbundling of the transmis-sion companies.

During the meeting the Commission will also give an orientation on the negotiations and the coop-eration with third world countries on the field of energy. Among other things, a status will be made on EU’s motion on an international agreement on energy savings. Until now the motion does not have a great support.

Denmark will be represented by the Ambassador and International Director at the Danish Energy Authority Hans Jørgen Koch.


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