Energy policies high on government’s political agenda 

By Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen, 16. March 2007

Such were the words of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen yesterday morning at the Energy Council conference, “The new Danish energy offensive”.

The Prime Minister went on to say:

- Future energy policies will be decisive for development in Denmark, the EU and the rest of the world. Energy consumption has risen in line with rising world prosperity. At the same time, many of the usual energy sources are under increasing pressure. Both because of depletion and their concentration in fewer, not always stable, producer countries. And also because they have negative consequences on the development of the environment and climate.

- It is important that we in Denmark and the EU lead the way in tackling the challenges and drawing benefits from the opportunities development brings with it.

- This is the background for the government’s national energy policies and our active involvement in the recent decision at the EU summit last week, where we agreed on a new ambitious EU energy policy.

- We have set clear and ambitious goals for future energy policy in Denmark and the EU. I see these goals as a first step on the road and will concentrate on securing the means to realise these goals. We must continue to raise our ambitions as technological development makes this possible,” Rasmussen said.

World Energy Council-Denmark’s annual members’ conference is being held in cooperation with the Danish Energy Association, Risø, DONG Energy, Vattenfall, Energiindustrien, HNG and Naturgas Midt-Nord.


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