Europe on the verge of global leadership  

By Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen, 9. March 2007

On a press conference today at 1 PM it is expected that the German head of government Angela Merkel will reveal Europe’s new energy policy.

All night the european heads of state have discussed frantically. The controversial subject is the possibility for binding objectives for sustainable energy. The fight is between ”the green nations”, such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and now also Portugal and then the nuclear countries France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, which are considered opponents to a binding objective.

- The EU needs to have binding objectives for sustainable energy in 2020, says Chief Consultant Jakob Juul from the Danish Energy Association.

- A binding objective for sustainable energy would send a clear signal to producers as to the magnitude of necessary investments in conventional power stations and sustainable energy. A non-binding objective sends no signal. And who dares base an investment of millions on a vague declaration of intent? asks Jakob Juul.

Furthermore, the Danish Energy Association hopes for an agreement on the objectives of the climate and hope that they will be intensified to a 30 per cent reduction of greenhouse gases. Europe must show global leadership.

- It is an extremely ambitious objective, which means that not only the electricity- and heating sector but also the entire society must prepare itself for a radical change-over, says Jakob Juul.

- It is important that the climate objectives and the dispersion of quotas do not twist the competition on the domestic market for electricity.

- At the same time Europe must concentrate massively on research and development – not just within reduction of the emissions of CO2 from the power plants and on the accumulation and storage of CO2, Jakob Juul emphasizes.