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EU Commission's Green Package is a Mixed Bag

By Torben Hvidsten, 25. January 2008
The Danish Energy Association had high hopes of seeing an EU initiative that would seriously modernise the EU's energy and climate policies. However, today's green package from the EU Commission does not fully live up to what had been hoped for... Read more »

Danish Energy Association: Connie Hedegaard makes an impression at Bali summit

By Jesper Tornbjerg, 14. December 2007
"It was a speech that was worthy of a host for a future climate summit. Climate Minister Connie Hedegaard pointed out that the countries of the world have a joint, but diversified, responsibility.... Read more »

Danish Energy Association on new climate report: We know the medicine for climate warnings

By Torben Hvidsten, 22. November 2007
The experts on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have finalised a new report containing warnings to policymakers around the world that the damages from global warming are well on their way to becoming irreparable... Read more »

Nordic countries would like more energy liberalisation

By Torben Hvidsten, 22. November 2007
The EU Commission is receiving massive support for its proposal for more liberalisation of the European energy market from interest groups concerned with electricity in the Nordic countries... Read more »

Tightening the reins on transport

By Troels Werner Christensen, 19. November 2007
Transport continues to be the problem child in Denmark’s CO2 emissions... Read more »

Air traffic to be included in quota system

By Torben Hvidsten, 19. November 2007
The European Commission presented a proposal in December of last year to include air traffic the EU’s trading system for CO2 quotas beginning in 2010... Read more »

CO2-free coal-fired power stations on their way to Europe

By Leif Kristensen, 2. November 2007
CO2-free coal-fired power stations, in which the greenhouse gas CO2 is extracted from power station smoke and stored deep underground, could help solve climate problems... Read more »

Scandinavia in a joint offensive towards the EU efforts on RE

By Torben Hvidsten, 2. November 2007
The Swedish, Norwegian and Danish energy organisations have joined forces on a joint approach towards the European Commission in order to speed up the upcoming legislation on extensive development in RE... Read more »

EU: Need for Reform of Telecommunications Regulations

By Troels Werner Christensen, 18. October 2007
The possibilities for consumers to have a broadband connection continue to become better in Europe, but there is at the same time an enormous difference between the best and worst countries according to the EU Commission’s most recent analysis of the area... Read more »

Green Light for RE Market

By Troels Werner Christensen, 15. October 2007
The EU Commission is now adopting a posture that is positive towards trading in renewable energy (RE) in order to reach the goal of 20 percent RE in 2020... Read more »
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