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New Requirements for Energy Wastage are not Strict Enough

By Richard Schalburg, 28. August 2008
The new EU rules involving the power consumed by electrical devices are intended to trim seven percent from household electricity consumption... Read more »

Families ready for energy savings

By Jesper Tornbjerg, 22. August 2008
- Danish families are more than willing to help achieve the Danish climate targets. Energy savings are really on the agenda... Read more »

Danish Energy Association: good that USA is joining climate battle

By Lars Hansen, 8. July 2008
Today the G8 countries agreed on a declaration endorsing the halving of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  In the opinion of the Danish Energy Association, this is good news for the climate and global climate policy... Read more »

Parliament establishes its own opinion on the market for electricity

By Lars Hansen, 24. June 2008
With wednesday’s vote in the European Parliament, the politicians have made it clear once again that they have their own voice and vision for the future of the European energy markets... Read more »

Vattenfall's top executive to head Eurelectric

By Torben Hvidsten, 19. June 2008
Vattenfall's top executive, Lars G. Josefsson, will be heading Eurelectric for the next three years. Eurelectric is an industry association of European electricity companies that counts the Danish electricity companies among its members... Read more »

The decision has finally been made: Skagerrak 4 will be built

By Charlotte Søndergren, 18. June 2008
The individuals responsible for the systems in Norway and Denmark (Statnett and have decided to expand the connection from Norway to Denmark with a fourth cable across the Skagerrak... Read more »

The European Energy Market needs third legislative package now

By Lars Hansen, 10. June 2008
Europe urgently needs to boost energy market integration and harmonization... Read more »

Danish Electricity Supply – Statistical Survey 2007

By Inge Laustsen, 4. June 2008
The annual publication on electricity statistics offers a review of the Danish electricity sector including most recent developments presented in tables, graphs and text... Read more »

Creating a renewable energy market in the EU

By Inge Laustsen, 6. March 2008
The development of a common European energy and climate policy draws new borders between national and European policy. The political decisions on CO2 and renewable energy targets are now European policy... Read more »

Energy settlement eliminates gap between Danish and European energy and climate policies

By Inge Laustsen, 28. February 2008
The Danish Energy Association is very satisfied that a settlement has at long last been reached in the matter of Danish national energy policy... Read more »
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