Partner activities 

By Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen, 16. October 2008

The Danish electricity companies receive services and relevant advice from many sides, and the Danish Energy Association is now offering even closer ties to the electricity companies’ partners and advisers. These could include IT systems, legal/accountancy advice, communications or technical solutions.

This offer, of tying businesses to the sectoral organisation which are not members of the Danish Energy Association, is primarily directed at the energy companies’ suppliers and partners. The offer is thus not meant for businesses eligible for ordinary membership of the Danish Energy Association. The following are currently partner businesses:

  • Kromann Reumert
  • Sonlinc A/S
  • Bech-Bruun, law firm
  • EG Utility A/S
  • Deloitte, KnowledgeCentre Energy
  • Jonas Bruun, law firm
  • KMD
  • KPMG
  • P. A. Pedersen A/S, engineers
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Amagertorv 11
  • Aalund Business Research
  • ABB A/S
  • DLA Nordic
  • LETT Law firm



Being a partner allows you to:

  • Participate in dialogue meetings on Danish and European energy policy, business conditions for energy companies, etc.
  • Participate in Danish Energy Association theme days, conferences and annual meetings at members’ prices
  • Receive “Members’ Information” with analyses, guidance and information prepared by the Danish Energy Association for the electricity companies
  • Subscribe to leaflets and booklets prepared by Danish Energy Association, including the annual “Danish Electricity Supply” statistics with key figures on the electricity sector
  • Subscribe to the electronic energy newspaper “” issued daily by the Danish Energy Association. “” primarily covers the areas of energy, environmental, climatic and telecommunications policy, business with a focus on the energy market nationally and internationally, company news and names in the news
  • Subscribe to the media monitor “Pressen Skrev”, containing a digest of all relevant newspaper articles in the national and regional press on energy, business, environmental, climatic and telecommunications topics.
  • Receive the printed energy newspaper “El & Energi”, published about every 14 days.


  • Information Coordinator
  • Maj-Britt Meyer Hansen
  • T: +45 35 300 478
  • Head of Public Relations and Education, M.A.
  • Torben Hvidsten
  • T: +45 35 300 471
  • M: +45 22 750 471