EL & TEKNIK 2010  

By Camilla Steffensen, 3. March 2010

Every other year, industry associations VELTEK and Danish Energy Association host the EL & TEKNIK trade fair.

The fair encompasses everything within electricity distribution, electrical equipment, lighting and information and communications technology.

The trade fair is held at Odense Congress Center, which is situated on the island of Fyn. The fair runs for three days, and many companies in the industry consider EL & TEKNIK to be one of the most important – if not the most important – of their trade fairs.

In 2008 the trade fair had 150 exhibitors and nearly 9,000 visitors.

A number of different events also take place at EL & TEKNIK.

One of them is Education Day, which is held on the first day of the fair. Students from Technical Colleges visit the fair and participate in seminars run by the exhibitors. In 2008 more than 600 students visited the fair, and both students and exhibitors were very pleased with the event.

In the electronic fair catalogue you will find names and contact information for all exhibitors at the trade fair. To view the catalogue, please use the link on the right.

To hear more about EL & TEKNIK, please contact Communications Consultant Camilla Steffensen, phone +45 22 750 475.

Want to be part of EL & TEKNIK 2010?

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Electronic Fair Catalogue

Here you can see the electronic fair catalogue.
Electronic Fair Catalogue


  • Camilla Steffensen
  • T: +45 35 300 475
  • M: +45 22 750 475
  • Secretary
  • Louise Gustavsen
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